Čakovec is situated in Međimurje region, only a few kilometers away from the Hungarian border. This area belonged to Hungary until the Treaty of Trianon (1920). 

The timber fortification of Čakovec was built by count Dimitrius Csaky in the 13th century. This was called later Csak's tower (in Croatian Čakov toranj, in Hungarian Csáktornya). In 1546 the fortress together with the settlement passed to the hand of the influential Zrinski family. The Zrinskis or as the Hungarian call them, the Zrinyis, played an important role in both Croatian and Hungarian history. This period was the golden age of Čakovec: the Zrinskis rebuilt and strenghtened the castle and granted privileges to the town's inhabitants. After the family died out (1691), the Feštetić family became the new owner of the settlement. They turned the castle into a big estate with a sugar factory.

The first railway track was built here in 1860 which connected Budapest with Rijeka and Triest. During the Yugoslav era Čakovec preserved its rural character and the textile and food industry developed. At the time of the Croatian War of Independence many refugees found shelter here.

Getting here & around

By car

Zagreb (A4) – Čakovec.

Motorway tolls: Zagreb – Čakovec  34 Kn
From the motorway take Preloška road to get to the town. The pedestrian street is named after the first Croatian king, Tomislav (Kralja Tomislava). Most of the shops and bars are situated here.

By train

Zagreb - Čakovec   (8 trains daily)                69,80 Kn

Varaždin - Čakovec (trains run in every hour)  11,70 Kn 

Tourist information

Old town

The tourist office is located at the beginning of the pedestrian street.

Kralja Tomislava 1.

Tel: +385 40 313 319, 310 969

internet: www.tourism-cakovec.hr

e-mail: tzg-cakovca@ck.t-com.hr

St. Nicholas' church


Franjevački trg 1.

The first Franciscan monks arrived to Čakovec and built their monastery during the rule of the Zrinski family. However this baroque church was built during the Feštetić era, at the very beginning of the 18th century. 

Zrinyi Castle

Zrínyi castle

Trg Republike 5.
The residence of the Zrinski family can be found at the end of the pedestrian street, in the middle of a shady park. At the time of Nicholas Zrinski, the commander of the Szigetvar fortress, the castle was accessible through a pile bridge. Since then the water jump was banked up.

At present the castle houses the Museum of Međimurje where the displayed objects guide visitors into the past of the region. The tombstone of Nicholas Zrinski is also on show.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10-15, Sat-Sun: 10-13

Admission charge: 20 Kn (children 12 Kn)


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