Located halfway between Split and Makarska, the once thriving pirate town Omiš (www.omis.hr) is nestled at the foot of dramatic crags. The Cetina river meets the Adriatic sea here.

Old town

Omiš is an ancient town: the hardly known Roman Oneum (or Olmissium) became famous by the dreaded Kačić family in the 11-12th century. The Kačićes decided to make their living by protection racketeering and harassing the seaborne trade. The most promising plunders were the rich Venetian and Dubrovnik merchant ships so it is not surprising that these city-states shortly bared a grudge against the Kačić family. Although the Republic of Venice eventually managed to crush the rule of the pirate dinasty in 1287, the inhabitants of Omiš carried on looting for long. Finally in 1444 Omiš submitted to the Republic of Venice and in 1797 to the emperor of Austria.

Getting here & around

By car
Zagreb (A1) – Bosiljevo junction (A1) - exit Blato na Cetini - Omiš.
Motorway tolls: Zagreb – Blato na Cetini    187 Kn

From the motorway exit a scenic mountain road leads to the town. From Split drive on Vukovarska road (road 8) to Omiš. The old town is located between Foršal street and Fortress Mirabela. The main street of the old town lined with shops and cafés is called Knezova Kačića. The beach is on Punta peninsula.

By bus

Buses run to Split and Makarska twice an hour daily.

Split - Omiš bus ticket: 21 Kn

Tourist information

The tourist office is located close to the bridge, at the corner of Trg kneza Miroslava.

Opening hours: every day 8.00-14.00

Tel: +385 21 861 350

internet: www.tz-omis.hr

e-mail: info@tz-omis.hr

Old town

Coat of arms

A few steps away from the Omiš bridge, in the middle of Poljički square a shame column can be seen. This was the emblem of the town's independence in the Middle Ages.

This 17th-century Church of St. Michael is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Above its portal the statue of St. Michael and a fine rose window can be seen. Inside, the coat-of-arms of local and Venetian families and two paintings of Jacopo da Palma jr await visitors.

Fortress Mirabela

Mirabela fortress

Opening hours: 9.00-17.00

Tickets: 15 Kn

Among the zig-zag cobbled street it is not so easy to find the way to the fortress. First try to find the Church of the Holy Spirit at the corner of Knezova Kačića and Jurja Šubica streets. Walk under the gate of the campanile to see the arrows showing the right direction. The other possible path starts on Trg Sv. Mihovila.

Fortress Fortica

Fortica fortress

Drive on Put Borka to get to the parking lot from where it is a 20-minute walk to reach the fortress. The view over the sea and the nearby islands (Brač, Hvar, Šolta) is overwhelming.


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